Security Gateway

Cloak Labs’ software Security Gateways encrypt messages from one enterprise and deliver them through the Cloak Labs cloud to a destination Security Gateway at a different enterprise. The Security Gateways only initiate outbound messages over https meaning that no inbound firewall ports have to be opened by either enterprise nor is any additional partitioning of the enterprises’ networks required. This dramatically simplifies the interconnection of different enterprise networks without expanding the attack surface for any participant.

Security Gateways allow you to quickly connect your applications to our secure cloud-based messaging services. Security Gateways are small software clients that allow applications to interface to your network and to each other.

Interfacing the Cloak Labs Security Gateway directly to your existing application is as simple as specifying an IP address, port, and protocol. There is no need to modify your existing application to interface to our Security Gateway.

Our solution offers much better security and availability than a VPN and with greatly reduced management. Think of Cloak Labs as an “Armored Courier Service,” whereby we take the data securely from point A to point B over a variety of existing highways. We duplicate the ‘trucks’ (via Cloak Labs Security Gateways) and send application messages by different routes to ensure delivery and security. Our platform manages all this, you just provide the data.

Cloak Labs Security Gateways support all popular message, transport protocols and encryption levels. Each installation takes only a few minutes and does not require a user with technical experience to configure.

With many popular protocols supported, and more on the way, Cloak Labs offers an ease of installation and low cost of setup that is unique in our industry.

See the system requirements for installing and running a Cloak Labs Security Gateway on-premises.

Cloak Labs Encrypted Cloud Queue

Cloak Labs Encrypted Cloud Queue

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