Are you looking to secure HL7 messages? Cloak Labs’ cloud-based service can accelerate your deployment while reducing the risks of connecting with other institutions or enterprises.


With Cloak Labs:

  • You can avoid the time and expense required to setup and maintain site-site VPN
  • You are strongly isolated from 3rd party security risks. As a result you can significantly reduce the need to review and/or audit your partners’ security practices.
  • You avoid the need to open any inbound ports in your firewall.
  • You avoid the need to configure your own VLANs to isolate partner traffic.
  • Your avoid the need to issue network credentials for any of your partners. And vice-versa: they don’t need to credential you either.
  • You can automatically route messages into or out of your applications.
  • You can easily use an ESB such as Mirth or Mulesoft to route messages with military-grade, triple-layer security (TLS + RSA + AES256)
  • You don’t have to manage keys. We take care of that for you.
  • You are also insulated from downtime in your partners systems. Cloak Labs’ secure cloud-based message queue buffers messages in both directions resulting in higher aggregate uptime and no application blocking.
  • You get the benefit of a solution that is already deployed with healthcare customers. We’re securing and reliably delivering HIPAA compliant HL7 messages between healthcare providers every day!
  • You get a signed BAA.