Michel Floyd, Sc.D.


Michel has spent his entire career in Silicon Valley in a succession of technology and business leadership roles. At Cloak Labs he is CEO, and since it’s a small company, he has a very large hat rack. As a technologist and product guy he knows that the best path to success is to build great products. At Cloak Labs that means ones that are highly secure, extremely reliable, easy to deploy and manage, easy to use, and technologically sound.

Most recently Michel was Global CTO at YouGov Plc., a global opinion research company based in London. In that role he helped integrate a large number of acquisitions in different parts of the world. He built up a world-class development team distributed from Germany to Alaska to Peru. His accomplishments include releasing an interactive, 14 country brand tracker which is both the company’s fastest growing and most profitable product.

Before YouGov Michel was EVP & CTO at Knowledge Networks (subsequently acquired by GfK). There he focused on technology, operations, and driving business efficiency throughout the company. He had P&L responsibility over $13M in revenues. He also served as interim CEO for a time after the previous CEO had left.

Michel earned his SB, SM, and ScD degrees in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from MIT. He has participated in two IPOs and numerous acquisitions, primarily on the buy side. He has been awarded 4 patents.