Messaging in a Box… err, Cloud?

Connecting-the-world-transparentConnecting applications and systems takes time, involves a lot of people and requires training and deployment costs. What if it wasn’t that bad? What if you had an application messaging solution “in a box”? What if that box was a Cloud that allowed you to scale quickly and reduce costs?

Sounds great and it is!

That is what we have been working on here at Cloak Labs and we are proud of the best service that allows you to connect disparate software applications on and off your network in an easy to install, scalable, and cost-effective way.

The Cloak Labs service provides IT Managers and Administrators with a pre-built application network that resides in the Cloud and enables a network to be established in hours in some cases. Traditionally, if someone wanted to establish a connection between two systems, an IT administrator or manager would have to build a network between the two applications and implement an interface engine in the middle in order to allow the two endpoints to communicate.

Let’s review some of the challenges here:

  1. In order to connect two applications on or off the network, personnel needs to be allocated to build those connections,
  2. Hardware will need to be deployed to support the connection(s), also requiring more person hours to deploy, maintain and update,
  3. Connections are rigid, allowing for only point-to-point communication,
  4. In order to implement any value added services, either a 3rd party application provider will need to be brought in, or a RYO (Roll Your Own) solution will need to be built. Either way, this will require more support and more costs,
  5. If the systems do not reside on the same network, it will be difficult to get trading partners to accept connections coming into their network for all the reasons above.

Let’s see how Cloak Labs provides an easy-to-deploy solution to solve this problem:

  1. Cloak Labs is a service so no person hours will be need to be contributed to support the network,
  2. As a service, there is no hardware for the end-user to purchase or support,
  3. Cloak Labs provides a small software client that interfaces to applications, encrypts messages and routes them through the appropriate channels,
  4. Cloak Labs’ service allows disparate applications to communicate without the need for an interface engine,
  5. Cloak Labs provides file-level tracking, guaranteed delivery, and a variety of other built-in value added services, enabling IT managers to meet compliance and avoid customization costs,
  6. Cloak Labs provides reporting tools to increase management’s visibility into application network performance and costs,
  7. Since Cloak Labs is easy to install, bringing up trading partners on and off your network is easy and can be done in as little as 20 minutes,
  8. Cloak Labs leverages the Cloud to scale with usage and provides users a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow pricing model.

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