KISS principle comes to mind – Keep It Simple and Secure

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As a former colleague said to me after hearing about my new job, “I always knew your head was in the clouds.”  Well, I guess he was right.  If your head isn’t in the clouds yet, it’s time to learn about a cloud-based Messaging as a Service (MaaS), solution.

But, what is the value of application messaging in the cloud anyway?

If the goal of your organization is to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, it is already growing the business by adding new partners.  But, for those in IT, on boarding new partners comes with a host of problems.  It’s not easy to share data securely and quickly across applications and sites.  Forget about adding a VPN for each new location – the task is too challenging to do quickly, and the costs go through the roof.  That’s not going to make any boss happy.

So, what can be done to achieve the results management is looking for?

In this case, the KISS principle comes to mind – Keep It Simple and Secure!

  • Use your existing network connectivity – Don’t spin-up new VPNs.
  • Remember last mile locations – Most have low bandwidth and usually, the IT support staff is the office administrator.
  • Keep costs down – Don’t go asking for any capital funds from the IT budget.
  • Provide guaranteed delivery – Make sure it gets there so you don’t have to worry about re-transmits.
  • Make it simple to deploy and support – Hey, you’ve already got a full time job and don’t need another one, right?
  • Be best friends with the auditors – Keep them happy by giving a detailed audit trail of every transmission.

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Mari Tangredi: Mari is a strong operational executive with over seventeen years of experience in both Fortune 500 companies and private start-ups. She has a successful track record of driving corporate and business development, sales and marketing, channel management and product management efforts. Prior to becoming part of the founding team at CloudPrime, Mari was at McNamee Lawrence & Co. Mari had been a member of the leadership team at Slam Dunk Networks, a privately funded network services and software company whose assets were acquired by CloudPrime Inc. in 2009. As Chief Operating Officer she was responsible for day to day operations, including direct sales, product management, customer support, and network operations. Additionally, she was responsible for the oversight of alliances with strategic partners including VeriSign, Unisys, and IBM. Mari joined Slam Dunk Networks from Critical Path, a global leader in digital communications software and services. As Executive Vice President of worldwide sales, professional services, and business development, Mari was responsible for all of Critical Path's customer-facing activities. Mari also led the corporate development efforts which resulted in several acquisitions, including Fabrik Communications, Amplitude, Isocor and PeerLogic Software. Previous to her start-up experience, Mari spent a decade with AT&T and Pacific Bell where she had increasingly responsible roles in development, sales and marketing, product management and business development. Mari has a High-Tech MBA from Northeastern University and a BS degree in CMS/MIS from Clarkson University.


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