Liberate Your Application Messaging Network!

Shameless plug #2

Continuing on the healthcare application messaging theme, I thought it would be good to discuss how you can get more from your application network while spending less on it.

When we talk with customers and integrators, we usually start with the basic set of requirements which revolve around what message types we can handle and which protocols we support (e.g. HL7, X.12, MLLP, etc.).

As we dig deeper into the conversation, most people start realizing how powerful our solution is because:

  1. Babies-Collection-Spaghetti-Head-82310-752897We are a managed service, meaning that we handle the management and support of the messaging network
  2. We provide several value added services including guaranteed delivery of all transactions, rules based message archival/storage, multi-protocol support, PKI Management and ease of implementation
  3. We are cost effective
  4. We don’t make your application fabric look like a spaghetti nightmare

Traditionally, when IT managers, integrators, or Health Information Exchanges are evaluating how they will connect networks, applications, clouds, etc. many people scratch their heads and start compiling complex blue prints on how they will cobble together open source tools, legacy hardware, and VPNs to meet their needs.

Where this falls down is:

  1. It is hard to actually pull the system together
  2. Once implemented, it is difficult to manage and maintain
  3. Support is not included
  4. It is not easy to bring up (bring down) new trading partners on the network
  5. Forget about updating your system

In short, there are many ways to skin the application messaging cat, but the question is, do you want to do it the most effective way?

Cloak Labs provides a “fire and forget it” application messaging and reporting platform that takes the burden of building complex and unmanageable messaging networks. Doesn’t that sound way better than the “do it yourself” way?