CloudPrime is now Cloak Labs!

May 16, 2014 / News / 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that we are changing the name of our CloudPrime operating company to Cloak Labs. This name change is designed to better focus our brand on what we actually do: protect and secure your high value data.

Although the CloudPrime name is very straightforward, in practice it turned out that while many people correctly understood that the Cloud in CloudPrime meant we were a cloud-based company, the Prime didn’t immediately evoke prime numbers and cryptography. As a computer scientist might say, it was one level of indirection too far from obvious.

The Cloak in Cloak Labs refers to our first mission, which is security. We’re here to secure your messages from everyone except the intended recipient. That includes us: we don’t have the keys to your messages and we can’t decrypt them even though each one passes through our network (actually twice, for redundancy and reliability).

The Labs in Cloak Labs reflects who we are: computer scientists, security experts, engineers. We wear the lab cloaks so you don’t have to. Our job is to keep making our service more secure, more reliable, easier to use, more scalable, and more open.

In conjunction with the name change we’d also like to announce our new website:

In the near future when you visit you will automatically be redirected to

The new Cloak Labs website includes a number of new pages describing our product. It also integrates our blog directly into our main webpage. This way visitors don’t have to deal with two different sites. The new site is also mobile-responsive and touch-compatible so you can visit on any phone or tablet as well as using your desktop or laptop – the information is the same from any device just presented in a way that best suits each device!

It’s going to take awhile to change our software itself to reflect the Cloak Labs brand but as we visit each module in our code to improve it we will do just that. In addition, customers should continue to use “CloudPrime” on checks until we update our billing processes.

Years ago a wise man told me that A “brand” is a promise made to its customers. It’s not just a name or a tag line. Our promise to you is that we will keep your messages secure and deliver them reliably; cost efficiently and with minimum effort on your part. By doing that we will also keep your enterprises more secure against ever increasing security threats.

If you’d like to keep up with the exciting things that are happening at Cloak Labs, please visit and read our blog at We’ll also continue to update you occasionally via email as well; hopefully not too often!

Thank you!

Dr. Michel Floyd
CloudPrime Cloak Labs